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Tobisho tools are some of the finest garden hand  tools that Japan has to offer.

Manufactured in the mountains of Yamagata, a prefecture on Japan’s Honshu Island, these tools come steeped in tradition. The Tobisho blacksmith name has been associated with forging steel for 200 years, having originally started making Samurai swords.

Made from Yasugi steel with its high carbon content, they offer a great balance of strength and ease of use. The traditional forging method ensures the integral strength from the blade to the end of the handle and reduces strain on the wrist when cutting through material.

The red and yellow handles are distinctive to Tobisho tools. The red is highly visible by day and the yellow by night, allowing you to locate your trusted garden tools. The coloured handle sleeves are removable if you prefer a more traditional look.

Presented in a box, they are ideal to be presented as a gift for gardeners.

The final word goes to Britain’s favourite gardener. Monty Don also states that Tobisho secateurs are his favourite in a telegraph article.

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