Okatsune Tools

In 1925, Tsuneichi Okano began his career as a blacksmith apprentice, he later started his own company Okatsune in Hiroshima, Japan during the 1940s.

Since the humble beginnings, Okatsune has always strived for perfection. Starting with a small range of shears, the traditional forged manufacturing process turned out high quality tools.

Today, Okatsune are the undisputed number one in Japan and used the world over.

The razor-sharp blades on Okatsune tools are forged from the best Izumo Yasugi steel. This steel with its high carbon content was traditionally used on the Katana swords used by the Samurai.

The innovative tempering process developed by Tsuneichi Okano gives the blades a high Rockwell hardness that is unrivalled by other brands. As a result, the blades stay sharper for longer and provide a smoother cutting action.

Okatsune shears are defined by three key points:

Sharpness: The razor sharp blades are a product of the superior steel and the innovative tempering process. They cut with ease and stay sharper for longer.

Simplicity: Okatsune shears are designed to consist of as few parts as possible. This reduces weight and maintenance whilst increasing ease of use and stability.

Robustness: Okatsune shears will cut effortlessly through thick branches. You will feel confident in their ability to get the job done without breaking.

Tsuneichi Okano provided the finishing touches of the distinctive red and white handles. In Japan, these colours symbolise happiness, a feeling that he wanted all of his customers to feel while using his shears.

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